Connecting Somersworth, Fostering Community

Improve Access to Our City’s Public Spaces

- Lead efforts to improve accessibility to and quality of our city’s outdoor spaces

- Work to make our library and public buildings more accessible

- Establish Somersworth’s first dog park for our canine neighbors!

Increase Transparency and Accessibility in our Local Government

- Modernize our municipal communications, particularly in the digital realm

- Support efforts that regularly connect Hilltoppers and municipal officials and representatives

- Promote transparency and easy access to information in all local government departments (i.e., master plans, HDC reports, election data)

Promote Forward-Thinking Community Development Policy

- Promote smart zoning and land use policies that are resident-friendly and promote our vibrant small businesses

- Make the proposed Little Indonesia project a reality in 2020

- Identify and promote innovative policies and expand opportunities for community input

Foster Partnerships that are Good for Somersworth

- Leverage relationships with statewide leaders, groups and resources for Hilltoppers

- Strengthen collaborative efforts with our neighboring downtown of Berwick

- Work with school board and community coalitions to strengthen our schools and resources for our youth

Advocate for the Wellness of all Somersworth Residents

- Protect the Salmon Falls Watershed and other at-risk natural resources

- Support first responder efforts that strengthen community engagement

- Address the city’s opioid crisis with approaches that include harm reduction and expanded treatment and recovery efforts